Office Number Tenant Contact Person
1 M. Rivera Construction
Manuel Rivera, Jr.
2 Material Survey Associates, Inc.
Jeff Schneider
3 Peak General Contractors, Inc.
Jacko Baeza
4 Material Survey Associates, Inc.
Jeff Schneider
5 Material Survey Associates, Inc.
Jeff Schneider
6 Strbaak Air Systems, Inc.
Eman Denchukwu
7 Material Survey Associates, Inc.
Jeff Schneider
8 Dabri, Inc.
Domonique Kaur
9 N Y Engineering, Inc.
Nilgun A. Wolpe
10 Air Perfection, Inc.
Jonathan Shorter
11 Ranis Construction & Electric, Inc.
Victor Ranis
12 Ironwood Commercial Builders
Nancy Brinkerhoff
13 Pella Doors & Windows of Norcal
Dave Adamis
14 Avalon Construction Company
David Hahn
15 All Concrete
Alex Zavaleta
16 Winning Colors & Restoration
Nita Riccardi
17 Gee Construction Co., Inc.
Peter G.P. Yu
18 CT Systems
Manny Cote
19 ACC Air, Inc.
Zhihua Yang
20 Cal Pacific Construction
John Chan
21 Window Works
Asia Bautista
22 Peninsulators, Inc.
Ross Haisley
23 J.C. Metal Specialists
Jeffrey Chan
24 Peninsulators, Inc.
Ross Haisley
25 Slater Custom Painting
James Slater
26 MicroEstimating, Inc.
Henry Tooryani
27 Tom’s Metal Specialist, Inc.
Tom Chang
29 Pacific Shores Construction
Dan Prieto
30 Rhapsody Constr & Environmental
Joseph Ruiz
31 Pilot Construction Mgmt
Lina Tan
32 Cal Coast Waterproofing
Mike O’Donnell
33 Air Perfection, Inc.
Jonathan Shorter
34 G.Y. Engineering
Gene Yakubovich
35 Orson Mechanical
Orson Poon
36 San Francisco Rebar
Kevin Cronin
37 Fashion Drapery
Greg Gotelli
38 D & M Plastering Co.,Inc.
Don Minor
39 Fashion Drapery
Greg Gotelli
40 Window Works
Asia Bautista
42 Fashion Drapery
Greg Gotelli
44 Fashion Drapery
Greg Gotelli

Renting an office at the San Francisco Builders Exchange has these and other great advantages:

  • Free parking
  • Mail pickup and delivery
  • 24 hour access
  • 24 hour security
  • Copy machines
  • Janitorial service
  • Fax service
  • UPS and courier services
  • All utilities paid
  • Great location

If you are interested in renting an office at the Builders Exchange, please contact Deanna Johnson: