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The Exchange offers an Online Plan Service. You are able to view plans, specifications and addenda for all projects in our Plan Room. These projects may also be printed at your home or office. This is a great way to stay current at all times whether you visit our Plan Room in person or go online!
The Exchange also offers notary services for construction documents (by appointment only). Additionally, we host social events and seminars throughout the year where members can meet and become better acquainted.

For more information about these services, go to our home page and click on “Plans on File”. If you don’t already have a password, please call the Exchange at (415) 282-8220 (you must be a current member of the Exchange in good standing).

The San Francisco Builders Exchange also offers a number of group insurance programs such as Group Medical, Dental, Life, Vision, Chiropractic, 401K, Liability and Workers Compensation. Membership is also available with Provident Central Credit Union. All of the above mentioned services are available to our members at low discounted group rates.

Plan Room and Weekly Plan Listing

Our plan room is equipped with plenty of working space for your estimating needs. We also offer free wireless access to all Class “A” members. Our website is updated daily and consists of hundreds of plans currently on file at the Exchange for your review.

The Exchange operates on a customized computer plan tracking system. This allows us to track and monitor all future jobs that may be available at the Exchange in the near future.

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Insurance Programs

B.E.C.C. Workers Compensation Group Program

The Builders Exchange Compensation Council (B.E.C.C.) is organized for the primary purpose of arranging and servicing group workers compensation insurance, in cooperation with State Compensation Insurance Fund for our members. Becoming a member of the B.E.C.C. offers many other services, including Claims Management Service, Annual Safety Reviews, Educational Seminars and Materials, Newsletters and a potential bonus dividend. B.E.C.C. Members also receive a significant discount on workers compensation rates.

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Medical Insurance Trust

The Builders Exchange offers a variety of group medical insurance plans. Our insurance trust is one of the most competitively priced, comprehensive and flexible offerings in Employee Benefits anywhere. There are many group discounted coverage plans to choose from, including health, dental, vision, chiropractic and life. All group plans are stand alone plans and offer guarantee issue.

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Other Services

  • Online Plan Service
  • Daily Updated Website
  • Free Parking
  • Notary Services
  • Liability Insurance Referrals
  • Safety Video Library
  • Legislative Information
  • Reference Materials
  • Sales of Construction Forms
  • Mailbox Service
  • Office Spaces Leased

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